Laurence LeBoeuf

Nancy Palk

Aidan Devine

Peter Mooney


Adapted from the Pulitzer Prize nominated play by Jane Martin, KEELY AND DU is a gripping psychological thriller that explores and humanizes the abortion controversy by taking the anti-choice agenda to a frightening new battleground.


An extremist anti-choice faction transports a young pregnant woman to a remote location where she will be forced to bring her pregnancy to term.

Keely awakens to find herself captive in a rustic fishing cabin in northern Ontario, alone but for Du, a middle aged zealot who has been assigned to be both her guard and caregiver. Their only connection to the outside world is Robert, the menacing mastermind of the operation whose unpredictable arrivals by boat bring equal parts provision, preaching and fear.

Once she discovers that there is no escape from the island, Keely begins to adapt to the reality of her situation.

While resisting the faith-based indoctrination of her captors, she does allow a fragile detente with the kindly Du. Forced together in the beautiful but rugged Canadian wilderness with limited supplies, the two disparate women gradually form a bond that transcends the brutality of their actual relationship.

Throughout her captivity, Keely remains steadfast in her determination to end her pregnancy and reclaim her autonomy. Frustrated by her lack of compliance, Robert pushes with increasing force against her resolve. Keely meets him with equal force, setting in motion a shocking and violent showdown that will test the conviction of each character.

About the Filmmakers

Keely and Du marks the sixth collaboration of directors Laurie Colbert and Dominique Cardona. Throughout their career in film, they have focused on creating roles that mirror the truth of women’s experience with features that include Margarita (2012) and Finn’s Girl (2007). Their seminal documentaries, My Feminism (1997) and Thank God, I’m a Lesbian (1992) have become required viewing in women’s studies curricula.